Below you can freely download designs and software for some of the very old Oscilloclock models, for reference. (I may release some more recent versions in the future.) Please use this information at your own risk!

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Circuits and PCBs

I use CadSoft EAGLE to design circuits and boards. For non-profit use, the Freeware version is good enough to view and modify these boards.

Each board/schematic has a revision number like [model].[majorRevision][errataRevision]. The major revision number is set before it goes off for etching, always starting with a minor revision of 0. For example, a board might be marked with rev1.30.

If any modifications are then made (manually) to the board or schematic after etching, I increment the minor revision number, and diligently mark all mods in Red on a printed copy of the circuit and board. I then scan these printouts into a single Errata PDF file, and enclose them in the zip package with the board and schematic files.

BoardRevFeaturesPkgPkg datePkg notes
Control Boardrev1.00Model 1 baseline1.012012/06/11
Power Boardrev1.10Improved voltage selectability; CRT ROT control1.112013/06/305ADP2
rev1.00Consolidated into single custom HV transformer1.012010/11/19D13-611G
rev0DC-DC converters + hand-wound HV transformer0.12010/04/14SE5F/P7
Deflection Boardrev1.00Model 1 baseline1.022013/06/305ADP2
CRT Boardrev1.00Model 1 baseline1.022013/06/305ADP2
GPS Adapterrev1.00Model 1 baseline1.002010/08/25

The design is somewhat modular, so the table below shows which board revisions are inter-compatible. (N/A means that the boards are not dependent on each other.).

POWER1.1xOK *1--OKn/aOK
GPS ADAPTER1.0xOKn/an/an/a-n/a

*1 CRT ROT supply will not auto-power down. However load is minimal so not a big issue.

Below is the list of specific board (packages) used for particular Oscilloclock models and respective CRTs.

ModelCRTReleasedControl (VGA)PowerDeflectionCRTGPSSupply
Tektronix 52x SN002-Not released1.11b----1.00
3-inch VGA Display3RP1, 3KP1(F)Not released(1.01)
Tektronix 520A-Not released1.11----(custom)
Model 1-SC535P7Not released1.
Heathkit OR-15ADP22013/06/301.
Model 1D13-611G (1324YP31)2010/10/

Software and Firmware

The clock is powered by a PIC device, so I use MicroChip’s MPLAB IDE. Recently, I converted all the projects to MPLAB X, which is based on NetBeans.

Software is provided under the GNU GPL license. This means you can distribute and/or make money off your modified code, but you must adhere to the GPL yourself. You must include my unmodified code package (which includes Cathode Corner’s) as well as the GPL documentation whenever you publish your code.

Control boardPackageRev DateFeatures and Fixes
v1.112013/12/22Slow-motion effects; Crosshatch check pattern; Auto power-on (when power restored); XY invert; December Seasonal Treats
v1.02 2012/10/19New Seasonal Treats with a basic sprite engine; tabs removed and code reformatted; fixes to roman numeral XII; "high voltage" test screen -and more!
v1.012012/06/24Initial release: Multiple clock faces; Selectable English/Japanese locale; GPS support with graphical indicator; Auto screen switch & power off; (clean) Four-letter word display
SoftwareCompatibilityDownloadRev DateFeatures and Fixes
Figure CreatorControl Board 1.xx; Sgitheach SCII1.1.12015/09/24Added Select All and Rescale features
Figure CreatorControl Board 1.xx; Sgitheach SCII1.0.0.12013/02/01Create fonts and figures interactively. Code generation, parsing, Sgitheach format support

3D Models

I use Trimble SketchUp (was Google Sketchup) for designing my cases. The free version works fine.

Clock ModelRelease DateSketchUp files
Model 12012/06/24rev1.00


As always I give immense credit to Cathode Corner, for inspiring this project and for publishing a brilliant design and source code under the GPL license.