[Update March 2023]

Hi! The Oscilloclock Lab is still on a pandemic-induced hiatus, for all the good reasons explained in last year’s announcement. For now the Contact form remains closed and we can only take enquiries from existing clients.

But good news – the constraints are being resolved, one by one, and Oscillolife will resume – eventually. We have oodles of backlogged ideas, heaps of ambition, and of course a nice stock of gorgeous CRTs and vintage scopes to make use of.

So stay tuned!

Hi there! Unfortunately, Oscilloclock is currently on hiatus. See the announcement here.

Until we resume operations, we won’t be accepting any further orders or enquiries, so the Contact form has been removed to avoid any confusion. Existing Oscilloclock customers can reach out by e-mail.

Meanwhile – do stay tuned (hit ‘subscribe’ on the main page) for further updates!