The Invisible … Beam?

One of the most exciting things you can do with a Scope Clock is to simply look at it from behind! In many CRTs, the anode coating (a conductive black surface sprayed onto the inside of the glass) doesn’t extend all the way to the screen – leaving a nice gap of clear glass from which to observe the beautiful electron beam.

Ha – you can put down your magnifying glasses now.

The electron beam shooting out towards the screen in a CRT is completely invisible to the human eye. It is only when the electrons smash into the phosphorous chemical on the screen that visible light is actually produced.

It is awfully unfortunate that CRT television manufacturers never made ‘skeleton’ televisions, allowing you to peer into its innards, and marvel at sights such as this. But rest assured, an Oscilloclock is always there for your next party trick.

Pull this out of your hat at the next party.