New Models at Maker Faire Tokyo!

The rainy season is officially over, and the long heat of summer has taken command. But here at, we plan to sweat it out in air-conditioned comfort at…

Maker Faire Tokyo 2015!

Visit our booth and check out several new models! First up is the fabulous 2015 edition Oscilloblock. One unit will go on sale at the event!

Featuring a Lego case designed and constructed entirely by our junior technician, this bright and cheery timepiece will give your living room a summery boost straight away. The case features a whopping 548 Lego parts sourced from around the globe, with no expenses spared. The child in you will want to take it apart and build it all over again! (A construction manual is included just in case.)


The new 2015 Oscilloblock – a deliciously fun Lego case, augmented by acrylic CRT supports cast and hand-machined in Japan

A second model available at the Faire will be the tidy and rather cute XXXXXXX 537 Oscilloclock. The full name of this retrofitted vintage oscilloscope will be revealed on the day! But if you enjoy a puzzle, try working it out from the following image:

2015 edition Xxxxxxxx 537 Oscilloclock - secret logo

And last but certainly not least, is proud to announce the 2015 luxury edition CopperClock! The exquisite facade for this unit was built to order by a Canadian craftsman specializing in hand-hammered copper weather vanes. If you enjoy metal art, you will certainly approve of this!

Early preview of the CopperClock's hand-hammered case

Early preview of the CopperClock’s hand-hammered case

Also on show will be the Heathkit Oscilloclock and the original Prototype.

Heathkit OR-1 OscilloclockOscilloclock Prototype - the original!

Interested in the workings? See live displays and some special hookups to learn more about Circle Graphics. Talk with me about technical details and tips & tricks. Discuss new ideas, potential features, and special requests!

For more details on the Faire and how to get there, visit the Maker Faire Tokyo web site. See you there!