Santa in your Clock!

The world-renowned Santa Claus. How does he get in your house to deliver presents? Does he go down the chimney (if you have one)? Does he shrink and squeeze under your door? Of course not! What silly ideas.

Santa simply converts himself into pure energy and beams in!! I’ve seen this glorious event myself, and now you can too – with the latest Seasonal Treats enhancement from

Beam me in, Santa!

Beam me in, Santa!

Not only can you watch Santa on his travels, but you can even control where he drops his presents! Can YOU help him deliver the gifts?

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Technical Talk

The latest firmware is available from the Download page, and is compatible with the existing v1.0X and v1.1X Controller Boards.

Seasonal Treats now covers the months of October and December.

The Sprite Engine module has been enhanced to automatically move (translate) and apply special affects to an array of multiple sprites.

The purpose of the sprite engine is to automatically handle basic functionality such as movement (translation) and common special effects such as zoom (scaling), flashing, and animation. Once initialized, the engine draws each sprite with the required effects until the calling module makes a change to the behavior. This allows the developer to focus on the more important questions in life…

A sprite engine

A sprite engine