BOO! proudly presents a new feature – Seasonal Treats !

This month, the ghosts come out of the attic and merge with the electron stream, leaving their telltale prints in the phosphor… but if you get too scared? Just push the button and blow them up!

See more related videos on my YouTube channel. Flickering in videos is due to the camera, and isn’t noticeable to the human eye.

Currently, Seasonal Treats are coded up for the month of October only – exciting treats for other months of the year are still locked in the attic.

Control how often Seasonal Treats visit you!

Technical Talk

The latest firmware is available from the Download page, and is compatible with the existing v1.0x Controller Board.

Seasonal Treats is a simple application of a generic Sprite Engine I have started to implement. See sprite.asm and seasonal.asm assembly code for early details of this potentially powerful module.

A sprite engine

The purpose of the sprite engine is to automatically handle basic functionality such as movement (translation) and common special effects such as zoom (scaling), flashing, and animation. Once initialized, the engine draws the sprite with the required effects until the calling module makes a change to the behavior. This allows the developer to focus on the important questions in life, such as, “How do I draw a ghost, anyway?

Any guesses as to what my next use for this Sprite Engine might be?!