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This site is dedicated to showcasing my Scope Clock designs, and to sharing technical information openly to anyone interested in these vintage electronic timepieces.

What is an “(Oscillo)scope Clock”?

A unique style of clock that displays the time (and other fun things) on a CRT taken from an old oscilloscope. These clocks operate on a fusion of old and new electronics, and are often housed in beautifully crafted cases of wood, metal, or acrylic.

See more related videos on my YouTube channel. Flickering in videos is due to the camera, and isn’t noticeable to the human eye.

Site Guide

Here’s a quick guide to the pages in the main menu:

Model 1 – My current production design, called the “StokesScope Clock Model 1”.
Prototype – The painstakingly hand-constructed prototype preceding the Model 1.
Download – Schematics, board layouts, source code, 3D model files.
Availability – How to get a fully built clock, or some key parts to make your own.
History – Some personal history explaining my passion for these things.

This is a blog site. I’ll be posting new content on an irregular basis, on a number of topics relating to scope clocks and construction. Here are some categories I plan to post to (they may be empty right now).

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For now, I’m not allowing comments on the posts. This is really just to allow me more time to create more material to post, and build more cool projects. BUT if you have a valid contribution or interesting question feel free to Contact Me, and I’ll try to post a response so that everyone can benefit.


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