Model 1

This beautiful Oscilloclock was handcrafted in late 2010, and is currently domiciled in Hong Kong where it sits against a backdrop of the city skyscape.

Some videos are available on my YouTube channel.

Key features

  • vintage 1960’s D13-611G (1324YP31) CRT from quality Telequipment D61A oscilloscope – complex electron gun and anode structures to titillate the most discerning tube enthusiast
  • ultra-transparent cast acrylic case, made to order locally and professionally drilled
  • the only scope clock on the web with a selectable Japanese-language display. Each character is a work of art
  • One single, intuitive control – Rotate to switch views, push to enter menus
  • Configurable auto power-off, auto view switching
  • GPS unit means no time adjustment – ever! Quality Garmin device used for greatest sensitivity and low power drain

Technical highlights

  • high-efficiency power supply with professionally wound transformer delivers bright, crystal clear vector graphics
  • all components ultra-low tolerance, no temperature or age effects and no alignment required for years
  • military spec cable connectors for style, safety, and long use
  • PCBs professionally etched in a medium cost location. All parts hand-assembled and soldered here in my lab, lacquer protected for long life and safety
  • ultra-quiet fan, not noticeable and not actually needed except in hot climes
  • onboard backup keeps accurate time for up to 1 hour without power
  • all software and tools supplied to allow the PIC assembly-language enthusiast to reprogram, tweak, and (above all) revert back if needed

Would you like to have a luxury clock with beautiful silky graphics like this in your office or home? I build by hand using only the highest quality components and materials. For the most discerning individuals I can cater to custom CRT and case requirements. See the Availability page.

Want to know more about the theory of operation? Check out the circuit theory blog category, where I have posts to explain how this works. Also be sure to visit Cathode Corner for information about the original design by David Forbes.

Want to build one of these yourself? See the Downloads page for all circuits, PCB layouts, and 3D models. You can download and modify the PIC software freely under the GPL license.

Would you like to buy a fully built controller board, and plug it into your favorite oscilloscope for display? See the Availability page.

Any other questions you may have, contact me – I’ll try to respond with a blog post, to enrich this site!